Hansel, Mastin-x, male, age 2- (Born 1/2017) 20 months at Scooby (since April/2017) available

Hansel, Forgotten boy; brother to GRETEL; still scared of people, but making big progress, now eats the treats from the hand; good with the other dogs; in need of a Home

Photo Aug/15/2018 update from Ana marino : “16 months after his arrival, HANSEL took a sausage from my hand!”

Photo Nov/1/2018 DOKI ( mastin, male, born 7/14/2016) ) and Hansel (on the right)

Photo Sept/15/2018 “GRETEL (on the left) and HANSEL (on the right) sister and brother always together”

Photo July/17/2018

Photo June/19/2018 “Hansel always sits like this, keeping a distance, watching !”

Brother and Sister HANSEL (in the front) and GRETEL( in the back) are always together

Hansel is an almost 2 year young Mastin-Mix, male (Born 1/2017) A Forgotten boy. He came to Scooby on April/27/2017.
Hansel was living in a Forrest in a village near Zamora, together with his full-sister Gretel (Mastin-mix) LOKI (Mastin) and THOR ( Mastin)
Hansel is a shy boy, he is timid with people, but he is making good progress. Lately he is approaching for some treats and eat them out of the hand( see photo Aug/15/2018, above)
Hansel and GRETEL are always together, but he is also used to live with the other dogs now (not timid with them anymore )
For HANSEL it would be so much better being in a loving Home, where he could feel safe and become a happy boy.

Chip: 981020000221175
Location: Paddock 8-H
Color: Dark brown
With female dogs***
With male dogs***