Gretel, Mastin-X, female, age 3+ (Born 1/2017) 3 years at Scooby (since april/2017) ( urgent/ priority to leave the shelter) available

Photo Sept/29/2019 : Gretel, a beautiful dog, but very shy with strangers

Photo Aug/27/2019: “GRETEL, sweet , precious girl, tired of waiting…too long in the shelter… ( since april/2017)

Photo Aug/25/2019 update from Ana Merino : “So pretty ”

Photo July/1/2019 update from Ana Merino :¬† ¬†GRETEL, who has been here for¬† 2 years + 3 months , is still a happy girl! ”

Photo Aug/15/2019 ” GRETEL & HANSEL , 2 years + 4 months¬† in Scooby ”

Photo July/17/2019 :¬† “HANSEL( black) and GRETEL ( Light-brown) 2 years + 3 months waiting in Scooby… waiting for¬† a miracle… ”

Photo July/21/2019 :¬† ¬† ” 3 “Forgotten”¬† Mastins (mix)¬† :¬† ZEUS¬† and ( sister & bother¬† GRETELHANSEL)¬† ¬†want to go Home so very much… they have been in the shelter¬† been too long now…”

Photo June/2/2019¬† ¬† HANSEL ( black) and¬† ¬†GRETEL( light/brown) ¬†brother and sister are always together…¬† ; waiting in Scooby more than 2 years …

Photo May/17/2019 “GRETEL, in Scooby…almost her whole life…”

Photo April/7/2019 update from Ana Merino:¬† ¬†“GRETEL, 2 years in Scooby …”

Photo March/1/2019¬† ¬† ¬†” HANSEL ( Black ) and GRETEL ( light-brown)¬† brother and sister are always together ”

Photo Oct/23/2018 ” very pretty GRETEL ”

Photo Feb/3/2019 update from Ana Merino: “HANSEL and GRETEL ( brother and sister)¬† always together ! ”

Photo Feb/13/2019¬† ¬† ¬† “GRETEL and big DOKI ( adopted )

Photo Nov/8/2018¬† :¬† ¬†“GRETEL (light-brown) and SNOBOL ( black / adopted)

Photo Dec/16/2018 update from Ana Merino: ” Pretty and shy GRETEL (in Scooby since April 2017 ūüėĒ)

Photo Aug/10/2018 update Ana merino : “Pretty (and shy) GRETEL”

Photo Sept/15/2018 “GRETEL (on the left) and HANSEL (on the right) sister and brother¬† were always together”

Photo June/14/2018

Photo June/14/2018

Photo June/14/2018 “Starting to trust people”

Brother and Sister (HANSEL (in the front) and GRETEL( in the back) were always together)





Photo June/2018 :¬† ¬† ¬†“SCRAPPY (on the left/ adopted) TORMENTA (in the middle/ adopted ) and GRETEL (on the right)/available¬† has to stay behind …!
Gretel also wants to go Home, so very much; Please is there anyone out there how will love me¬† too… !”


Gretel is a 3+ year young Mastin-mix, girl (Born 1/2017) Shearrived at Scooby in April/2017 together with her brother HANSEL ( passed away/2020)
A long Forgotten, very overseen girl
Gretel was living in a Forrest in a village near Zamora; she was an only 3 months young puppy when she was recued, together with her full-brother Hansel( passed away) and  LOKI (Mastin/adopted ) and THOR(adopted)
When Gretel arrived she was very shy and timid with people. Now (since June/2018) Gretel is still very shy but she is starting to trust people
She is also used living and sociable with other dogs now
For Gretel  it would be so much better being in a loving Home, where (they) she could feel safe


Update Feb/29/2020 :¬† Gretel had to stay behind alone, now Hansle is gone …, she is in urgent need of a Home

Update Sept/29/2019 : Gretel, a beautiful dog, but very shy with strangers

Update July/1/2019 from Ana Merino :¬† ¬†GRETEL, who has been here for more than 2 years, is still a happy girl! ”

Update June/ 2018 from Ana Merino: ” Gretel is still very shy but she is starting to trust people. Now she is used to live with other dogs.

Chip: 981020000219938
Breed: Mastin-Mix
Age : 1/2017
Color: Light-Brown
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Scooby / Medina Paddock 8-E

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