Francesa, Mastin-x , female, age 4 ( Born 12/2014) 1 year at Scooby (since 12/2017) available

Francesa, loving with all people; good with the other dogs; in need of a Home

Photo Aug/29/2018 “Please take me Home”

Photo June/21/2018 “ FRANCESA (on the left) and LOKI ( Mastin/ male/on the right / Born 12/2014 ) are best friends and always together in the Perimeter

Francesa is a 4 year old Mastin-Mix female (Born 12/2014) She came to Scooby in 12/2017.
Francesa is loving with all people.She is good with other dogs; She lives together with her best friend LOKI (Mastin/ male) in Scooby’s Perimeter.
(Arrived castrated)

Chip: 941000018427424
Location: Perimeter
Color: Brown
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***