Farrell, retriever-x , female, age 5 (Born 3/2014) 1.5+ year at Scooby (since July/2017) available

FARRELL, sweet girl; a bit timid/insecure girl; in need of a Home

Photo Aug/12/2018 “Like all Retrievers, Farrell just loves to play with water in her new XL-pool”

Photo July/8/2018 “Just fits in her pool ! ”

Farrell is a 5 year old Retriever-mix girl (Born 3/3/2014) She came to Scooby on July/2/2017
Farrell was caught together with Collin(adopted) in a small place near Zamora.
Farrell is a sweet but bit timid girl. She used to hide in her baskets all day, but she is improving everyday, now (July/2018) she even comes out of her basket and enjoys her swimming-pool (see photo July/8/2018)
She wants to smell who you are; Farrell needs some time and patience to thrust people.
For Farrell it would be so much better being in a loving Home, where she could feel safe. The busy Shelter-life is too stressful for her. Please give this sweet girl a chance.

Chip: 981020000222177
Location: Paddock 7-6
Color: Blond
Breed: Retriever-Mix
With female dogs***
With male dogs***