! Chuk, mastin, male, age 6.5 ( Born 3/2012) almost 3 year at Scooby(since January/2016) available

Chuk , “Celebrity” ; Beautiful boy ; gentle loving boy; bit timid with strange people, but curious and once he knows you very affectionate, loves to get attention and treats ! Good with the other dogs, also males ( Not dominant at all ) Very much in need of a Home; too long in the Shelter

Photo Nov/1/2018 “celebrity ! ”

Photo July/17/2018 Old CHUK (on the left) and LITTLE (on the right/ Mastin, male, born 3/2016)

Photo Sept/4/2018 “CHUC closes one eye, looking into the sun”

Photo May/28/2018

Photo June/22/2018 : CHUK and his friend “LITTLE” (Mastin/ male/ born 3/2016)
“There is nothing more beautiful than starting the day with a kiss and a lot of love. And if the kisses are giant… much better!! ”

(English below)CHUK y VENICE šŸ˜ son otros dos de nuestros mastines.Chuk es un chico de 5 aƱos algo tĆ­mido y reservado con extraƱos, pero una vez que coge confianza es muy agradecido y cariƱoso.Venice es una chica de tres aƱos y medio, sociable, alegre, divertida y muy muy cariƱosa, en una palabra, Ā”encantadora!.Los dos llevan mĆ”s de un aƱo esperando a que alguien les de la oportunidad de tener un hogar de verdad, ellos tambiĆ©n se merecen una familia con la que vivir felices. #adoptaInfo: seguimientos@scoobymedina.org…………….CHUK y VENICE šŸ˜ are two of our others mastines.Chuk is a boy of 5 years old, somewhat timid and reserved with strangers, but once he trust you is very grateful and friendly.Venice is a girl of three and a half years old, sociable, cheerful, funny and very very affectionate, in a word, charming!.The two have been waiting more than a year for someone to give them the opportunity to have a real home, they also deserve a family with which to live happily. #adoptInfo: seguimientos@scoobymedina.org

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Video October/2017: CHUK and VENICE

CHUK and his girlfriend “LITTLE” ( Mastin /male/ born 3/2016)

CHUK and his friend LITTLE (Mastin /male/born 3/2016)


Chuk is a 6.5 year old Mastin male (Born 3/2012) He came to scooby/Perimeter on January/2016
Beautiful Chuk is shy with strange people, but once he knows you he is very affectionate and loving, loves to get attention and some treats !
Chuk is great with other dogs; not dominant at all! Chuk lives together on the Perimeter with his friend “LITTLE” (Mastin /male) they love being together.
Chuk is very much in need of a Home after being so long in the shelter.

location: perimeter
With female dogs***
With male dogs***

Update October/2017 : CHUK and VENICE ( adopted)
ChukĀ  is a somewhat timid boy and a bit insecure with strange people, but once he trust youĀ  he is very grateful and loving; very happy for some cuddles and attention in the Perimeter where he lives.
Chuk has been waiting since January/2016 for someone to give him the opportunity to have a real home ; he also deserves a family with which to live happily. #adopt

Info: seguimientos@scoobymedina.org