Biggy, Mastin-x, female, age 6- ( born 1/2013) 22 months at Scooby (since February/2017) in urgent needavailable

Biggy, sad girl; too long in the shelter; very sweet loving affectionate calm girl; lives in the perimeter; feeling lonely ; very much in need of a loving Home

Photo Oct/9/2018 “Biggy feeling lonely and sad …”

Photo Aug/21/2018

Photo July/29/2018 “Loving Biggy”

Photo June/12/2018 “Petty big girl”

Biggy in the snow looks like a polar bear


Biggy is an almost 6 year old Mastin-X girl ( Born 1/2013) She came to Scooby/ Perimeter on Feb/1/2017
Biggy arrived together with Beggy (adopted).
Biggy is very loving with all people. She is good with the other dogs; Biggy just loves her food very much and therefore she can be a little bit protective about her food; When she arrived at Scooby she was skinny, probably due to a hard life before where she may not got food every day! Now she is so happy to get food every day, that it is quite understandable that she is not always happy to share.
Sweet Biggy is just a wonderful affectionate loving girl, with a calm character. She loves to lay on her back and receive lots of cuddles( see video)
Pretty Biggy is in need of a loving Home
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***