Aisu, American-Stafford, female, age 2.5 (Born 2/2016) 16 months at Scooby (since July/2017) available

Aisu, super cutie ; love, love, love; very very loving affectionate happy girl; loves all people; playful and social with the other dogs

Photo Oct/9/2018 “AISU , LOVE,LOVE, LOVE ”

Photo Nov/18/2018 “Aisu so happy to see you, he is waggling his tail at high speed”

Photo Aug/15/2018 “Super Cool” Aisu happy in her new XL-Pool in padoock 7-6

Photo July/9/2018 Aisu loves water

Photo Sept/4/2018 “JOSETE( born 11/2013 / at scooby since 11/2016) and AISU in paddock 7-6 , want to go Home; they are both too long in the shelter

Video July/2018 “AISU and QUITO(adopted)”

Photo July/15/2018 “ AISU and his friend QUITO ( adopted) ”

Photo June/15/2018 “Much much loving Aisu”

Aisu is a 2.5 year young American Stafford girl (Born feb/15/2016 ) She came to Scooby on July/3/2017
Aisu is a super cutie; she is so very loving, very affectionate and happy with all people and playful and very social with the other dogs.
Look at the sweet little heart-shape spot on her head, it makes her look even more cute

Age: 02/15/2016
Sex: female/castrated
Chip: 981020000222593
Location: Paddock 7-6
Breed: American stafford
Color: Brown and white
Arrival Date:Jul/ 03/2017
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***