Roni, Mastin-X , male, age 4 ( Born 9/2014) 16 months at Scooby (since Aug/2017)in urgent need, available

Roni, lonely sad boy…; too long in the shelter; very calm very loving boy with all people and super sweet loving with children ; Roni wants to go Home so very much

Photo Oct/14/2014 “RONI, Lonely sad boy, in need of a Home”

Photo Dec/6/2018 “RONI and NEREA ( female German shepherd, born 7/1/2017) ”

Photo Dec/2/2018 “RONI and his new little friend : chip 7971( male, Mix-breed, born 10/2016)”

Photo Nov/4/2018     “SARY (Mix-breed, female, born 6/2010)  and RONI (on the right)”

Photo Sept/6/2018 “RONI is feeling alone and sad, he is very much in need of a Home

photo July/29/2018 “Roni is feeling sad, it has been too long in the shelter… he would make a wonderful family member, good with children”

Photo July/11/2018 “RONI, all alone !”

Photo May/22/2018 Roni is feeling sad….

Photo June/7/2018 “RONI has too much love to give! ”

RONI is a 4 year old male, Mastin-X (Born 9/6/2014) He came to Scooby on Aug/13/2017
Roni is a bighearted very loving boy. Unfortunately one of those dogs that is unnoticed…He is Serious and obedient when he wants a treat; playful when he feels happy. He lives with a group of females who respect and love him. You can often see them kissing him and playing all together. He needs to be the boss so he can not live with other males, but he is wonderful with people:much, much loving and good friend with kids.
Update May/22: Lately Roni is feeling sad, the long time he spend in the shelter makes him sad…., he wants to go Home so badlyto his own loving family (with kids)

Chip: 981020000221465
Male / castrated
Location: Scooby Palencia (Garden)
Breed: Mastin-X
Color: Brown & White
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs*
With Children : *** ( super sweet loving )