! Lobita, Boxer-x, female, age 4 ( Born oct/2014 ) more than 2 years at Scooby (since oct/2016) ( urgent / priority to leave the shelter) available

Lobita, shy girl; pretty girl; special girl; in urgent need of a Home , now her best friend CHICO is leaving
Photo Dec/14/2018

Photo Dec/14/2018 update from Ana merino : “more than 2 years here…😞 ”

Photo Nov/28/2018 update from Ana merino : ” LOBITA😪 so scared 😪

Photo Nov/1/2018    update from Ana merino : ” Lobita is in the infirmary; and I could touch her! ”

Photo Nov/1/2018 “LOBITA hurt herself, now she has to stay in the Infirmary , poor girl…”

Photo Sept/25/2018 “poor Lobita, 2 years at Scooby and still shy…”

Photo 0ct/18/2018

Photo Aug/4/2018 update Ana merino “LOBITA, almost 2 years here…still waiting…”

Photo July/9/2018

Photo May/23/2018

Posted by Ana Merino on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Video May/23/2018

Photo June/19/2018 “CHICO ( on the left) and LOBITA ( in the back)

Photo May/23/2018

LOBITA and JOSETTE phot May/23/2018


Lobita is a 4 year old girl, Boxer-X (Born Oct/2014) A Forgotten girl ; she came to Scooby on October/4/2016.
When LOBITA came to Scooby, she suddenly found herself in a paddock with strange dogs, strange smells and strange people. One of the worst days of her life. Luckily after a couple of weeks she started to become friends with the other dogs. She also realized that there is always food and water now, so she doesn’t have to search the streets anymore for leftovers. With people she is scared, she will take a sausage out of the hand and that is as far as she will go!
Lobita is a small timid girl, she has already spent half of her life at Scooby. If she would live in a loving home, she would improve so much faster!

Chip: 981098106046016
Location: Paddock 7-7
Color: Brown & white
With female dogs***
With male dogs***

Update May/23/2018 LOBITA, still a scared girl; very pretty special girl…
Lobita is shy and timid, scared of people but not of the other dogs; among them she loses some of her fears and insecurities,among them she is learning(very slowly but learning) to trust people.
She does not walk on the lead, she does not allow you to touch her, she runs away from you, but still, and because of this, she needs a home, a special home for a special girl