lince, male, age 3 ( Born 10/2015) 10 months at Scooby (since feb/2018) in need , available

Lince, gorgeous boy; sweet calm quiet gentle character; insecure with strange people, but very loving, sweet with familiar people; very much in need of a Home

Photo Dec/4/2018 update Ana merino : ” LINCE would prefer a softer bed…😪

Lince, feeling alone

Photo July/15/2018 “It is a very hot Sunday at Scooby; but Lince found a strip of Shade ”

Photo Nov/6/2018 “ VEGETTA (male, born 12/2015) and LINCE (on the right)”

Photo Sept/25/2018 “LINCE in the back and MORENO laying in the front( male, born 6/6/2014)

Photo Aug/25/2018 “MORO (adopted)- MORO (on hold)- SALVA-LINCE ( with the white blaze on his face/in the back against the wall ) – LINDO (on the right)


Lince is a 3 year young Galgo ( Born okt/12/2015) He came to Scooby from Toledo in Feb/2018, just after the hunting season.
Lince is a Gorgeous boy
Lince has a calm, quiet, softhearted character. He is a bit insecure with strange people, but loving and sweet boy, with familiar people.
Lince is a very handsome black beauty; a wonderful boy
Lince is very much in need of a Home, after being in the shelter for a long time now
not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***