Josete, mix-breed, male, age 5.5 ( Born 11/2013) 2 years + 7 months at Scooby ( since Nov/2016) (in urgent need of a Home) available

JOSETE, wonderful boy; bit insecure but very curious; very happy for some cuddles and treats; very social with the other dogs

Update Feb/28/2019 from Ana Merino : “JOSETE, one of Scooby longest residents. He arrived in November /2016 !!! He never gets much “like” or “share” , and of course, not any request for adoption…And it is not his fault. There is nothing, nothing wrong with him! JOSETE can live with other dogs and, although a bit shy, he is nice with people. He is obedient, smart, balanced and he can be a funny playful boy. He is already 5.5 years old and if nothing changes he will end up living in the Garden with the oldies. How much I wish he could find a home…! ”

Photo June/16/2019 update from Ana Merino: ” 2 years + 7 months here…”

Photo May/19/2019 : ” JOSETE  5.5  years old , arrived 2.5 years ago (Nov/2016) still here…”


Photo April/17/2019 update from Ana Merino : ” JOSETE, 2.5 years in Scooby”

Photo April/23/2019 JOSETE- JAKKO- RINGO

Photo March/12/2019 update from Ana merino : ” JOSETE,still here …

Photo Feb/13/2019 update from Ana merino : ” JOSETE with the lucky collar which isn´t working…”

Photo Jan/18/2019

Photo Oct/27/2018 JOSETE, a very long time in the Shelter…poor boy

Photo Aug/25/2018

Photo Jan/3/2019  AISU ( on the right)  is  adopted;   JOSETE  had to stay behind;  still waiting… very sad…

Photo Sept/4/2018 ”  AISU (on the right ) is  adopted ;   JOSETE  , wants to go to his forever Home too…

photo June/28/2018       “Very curious JOSETE ”

When Josete just arrived at Scooby in November/2016

Josete is a 5.5 year old boy, Mix-breed (Born 11/2013) A Forgotten dog; he arrived at Scooby in November/2016.
Josete is a bit insecure sweet boy but very curious; so very grateful for some cuddles and treats; Social and playful with the other dogs
Josete would love to go Home… Who will give him a chance…; After all, he is as sweet and as loving and as much in need of a forever loving home as all the others…please…


hip: 981020009194151
Breed : Mix-breed ( Galgo x Pointer ? )
Location: Paddock 7-6
Color: Black & White
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***