!Galileo, mix- breed, male, age 5.5- (Born 1/2014) 3.5+ years at Scooby (since Oct/2015) in urgent need of a Home available

GALILEO, sweet loving wonderful boy; loves all people;  happy character; social and good with all dogs, not traumatized; very long forgotten overseen boy; more than 3.5 years  in the Shelter;   He wants a home…please 


Galileo is an almost 5.5 year old Mix-breed, male ( Born 1/2014) He came to Scooby Zamora on October/2015
A wonderful, sweet, loving boy; loves all people, wants to be with people; happy character
Very handsome boy with, his deep black (and white) coat. He is social and good with all dogs ;  not traumatized.
Unfortunately poor Galileo is a very long Forgotten, totally overseen boy ! Galileo is so very much in need of love and cuddles and someone to have nice walks with.
After being so very long in the shelter, Galileo is very much deserving to go to his loving family
Who will give this wonderful boy a chance on a life outside the kennel. He wants a Home !

Chip: 981020011225685
Color: Black & White
Socialized ***
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Location: Scooby/Zamora