Dodo( on the left) Bulldog- X, female, age 7- ( Born 5/2012) 14 months at Scooby (since Feb/2018) ( included in the sponsor-program/ see below) available

DODO, sad, very lonely, very unhappy girl ! such a sweet loving adorable girl ! submissive character; very social and very good with the other dogs ;   poor DODO  languishes in  the Shelter ! ; she is in urgent need of a loving Home
Update April/12/2019 from Ana Merino: ” DODO and JUMPY. Always together; best friends ever
DODO, is already 7 years old; JUMPY the boy, is just 3. They are the most loving dogs and both have been in Scooby for more than one year.
Nobody will give them a home?🙁

Photo Feb/24/2019 “sad, lonely unhappy girl, waiting for more than 1 year …”

Photo April/2/2019 update from Ana merino: ” DODO and JUMPY forever friends ”

Photo Dec/6/2018

Photo Nov/19/2018 “DODO in urgent need of a HOME”

Photo Jan/1/2019 “DODO ( on the left) and her friend JUMPY (male Pitbull, born 5/7/2016, arrived on April/16/2018) ”

Photo Nov/15/2018 “Wonderful couple : DODO and her new boyfriend JUMPY ( male Pitbull, born 5/7/2016, arrived on April/16/2018)”

Photo Nov/23/2018 ” Dodo and Jumpy say good morning to you from Scooby and they ask you please 🙏 share their photo to see if someone gives them a family with which to share all their love 💞 ”
More information about them by sending an email to
More information by sending an email to

Photo Nov/9/2018 “all my friends are leaving… I wonder what is the matter with me when everybody is getting forever homes, I feel so lonely ”

Photo Sept/16/2018 “Pretty girl”

Photo Oct/30/2018 “DODO is cold”

Photo aug/8/2018 “Lovely DODO ”

Photo July/19/2018

Photo June/26/2018 : “MYKA(on the left) PIPO(in the middle) and DODO<(on the right)


Dodo is an almost 7 year old female Bulldog- Mix ( Born May/5/2012) She came to Scooby from Salamanca on Feb/10/2018
Dodo is a very sweet loving girl, with a submissive character. She is social and very good with the other dogs.
Dodo is such a very social, soft girl, shelter-life is difficult on her, she is so in need of some love. Dodo would love to go to her forever loving Home so very badly, she would be so very grateful to you.

Chip: 981020000348822
Location: Paddock 7-7
Color: WHITE & black
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***

DODO and her best friend JUMPY are included in the sponsor-program
The Scooby adoption-fee for 1 dog will be sponsored for 100% if they are adopted together
For more information about the sponsoring e-mail: ( also in Dutch and German )
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