Blue, Pitbull- x, male, age 5 ( Born 6/2014) 2.5 years at Scooby (since nov/2016)( urgent need) available

BLUE, wonderful sweet loving boy ! ; very handsome ; very much in need of a Home; half his life in the shelter…, so terribly sad…

Yes, it is playtime…

Playtime , makes BLUE so happy

He just loves to play with his ball


Blue is an almost 5 year old Pitbull-Mix ( Born June/3/2014) He came to Scooby/Palencia on Nov/14/2016
Blue is a long Forgotten boy
He is a wonderful sweet, loving boy; not traumatized, and very handsome with his beautiful deep black shiny coat
Blue would love to go to his forever Home, it has been too long for him in the shelter.
Please give BLUE a chance on a life in a loving Home

Chip: 953000010231085
Location: Scooby / Palencia
Color: Black & White
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs: not tested (could be on request)
With cats : not tested (could be on request)