Yamcha male, age 2.5 ( Born 6/2016) 13 months at scooby (since Jan/2018) (in need of a Home) available

YAMCHA, super sweetie ; lately a sad boy… , too long in the shelter ; adorable little boy; so very gentle calm softhearted character; good with the other dogs; easy boy; will be a wonderful family member; He needs a home

photo Jan/9/2019

Photo Dec/28/2018

Photo Nov/23/2018 “Adorable little boy”  Now he is happy and good with the other dogs

RONE( adopted) COMAS (adopted) CHELINA DE BELLIDO (adopted) GOLOSINA(adopted) All are  adopted ; Poor YAMCHA  is still waiting for his forever Home…

YAMCHA ( Black) and his friend RONE (Black & white / adopted)

Photo Oct/9/2018 “YAMCHA ( on the left) and FENDT (black male, born 5-6-2013, on the right) both are waiting for their forever Home

When Yamcha  arrived he was an underdog, and has been bitten by the stronger dogs.

Photo June/28/2018 “ YAMCHA ( on the left) FREISPUL ( adopted), TOMI  – FENDT )”

YAMCHA ( Black) and RONE (Black & White/ adopted )


Yamcha is a 2.5 year young Galgo ( Born 6/2016) He came to Scooby in January/27/2019 from Murcia.
Sweet Yamcha is just a sweetie. He is a very adorable petite little boy; with a very gentle, softhearted and calm character. He is very happy and standing in the front when the treats are handed out.
Yamcha is good with the other dogs.
Yamcha is a balanced, happy and easy boy who would be a wonderful family member

Chip: 981020000348700
Location: Paddock 4-F
Color: Black
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***