lindo , male, age 3 ( Born 6/2015) 15 months at Scooby (since sept/2017)3 rd most forgotten Galgo Black Beauty (very much in need of a Home) available

Sad Lindo, very unhappy boy; needs a home, shelter-life is too long for him now;  petite boy; 1 of the sweetest Galgos ; hugs you all the time; ; only wants to give love to all people; such a sweet affectionate character; very easy boy; Lindo is “the 3rd Most Forgotten Galgo Black Beauty” at Scooby; this lovely little boy will make a wonderful family member (watch new video)

Photo Nov/4/2018

Photo May/20/2018

Photo Oct/14/2018  “LINDO very unhappy lately, it’s been too long in the Shelter now”

Photo Sept-1-2018 “Lindo is enjoying the sun, keeping his eyes closed”

Photo July/15/2018 “Lindo wants to go Home; It has been to long for him, being in the Shelter ”

Photo Aug/25/2018 “MORO (adopted)- MORO (on hold)- SALVA-LINCE- LINDO (on the right)

LINDO with his friend ABIDAL (Adopted)

Lindo is a 3 year young Galgo ( Born June/ 6/2015) A Forgotten Gago, who is waiting for his forever loving Home since September/2017.
Lately Lindo is unhappy, shelter-life is too long for him now.
Lindo is a lovely little boy, very petite for a male. Lindo is one of the sweetest Galgos, he hugs you whenever he thinks it’s possible, very loving and affectionatewith all people. He has a very young, happy character. He is always playing with the other dogs.
Lindo is a very easy boy. He will make a wonderful family member.
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***