! lindo , male, age 3.5 ( Born 6/2015) almost 1.5 year at Scooby (since sept/2017) ( Scoobys 2 nd most forgotten galgo) ( in urgent need of a Home) available

Lindo, 1 of the sweetest Galgos; in urgent need of a home; very unhappy lately; shelter-life is too long for him now;  petite little boy; hugs you all the time, only wants to give love to all people, hoping you will take him home; very easy boy; cattest: OK ( see test below )this lovely little boy will make a wonderful family member.

Photo Feb/8/2019 update from Ana Merino: ” sleeping while waiting for a home (since September 2017!!!!) ”

Photo Jan/29/2019

Photo Dec/14/2018       ” LINDO is sad lately, shelter-life is being too long for him ”

Photo Oct/22/2018

Photo Nov/4/2018

Photo May/20/2018

Photo Oct/14/2018  “LINDO very unhappy lately, it’s been too long in the Shelter now”

Photo Sept-1-2018 “Lindo is enjoying the sun, keeping his eyes closed”

Photo July/15/2018 “Lindo wants to go Home; It has been to long for him, being in the Shelter ”

Photo Aug/25/2018 “MORO (adopted)- MORO (on hold)- SALVA-LINCE- LINDO (on the right)

LINDO with his friend ABIDAL (Adopted)

When Lindo arrived at Scooby on September/20/2017.

Lindo is a 3.5 year young Galgo ( Born June/ 6/2015 )he is waiting for his forever loving Home since September/20/2017.
Lindo , “The invisible Galgo” ; a very long forgotten boy.
Lindo is one of the sweetest Galgos. He is a lovely little boy, very petite for a male. He has a very young, happy character. He hugs you whenever he thinks it’s possible, very loving and affectionate with all people, just hoping you will take him home. In the shelter it is known as ‘the embracing galgo’ … and it’s true! … it’s his way to welcome you in the paddock, he throws his paws around your waist and holds them tightly. It is a very expansive and affectionate boy that seeks human contact in its desperate need to be loved !
Lindo is lively, very social and playful with the other dogs.
Lindo is a very easy boy, but lately Lindo is unhappy, shelter-life is being too long for him now. He is very much in need of a Home. LINDO will make a wonderful family member.
For Lindo we look for a family that knows how to appreciate its way of being and that understands its needs. It’s a unique and special ♥ boy

update: Lindo is a lovely little galgo, very petite for a male, he has a very young, fun and happy character, always playing and wanting to have fun, always smiling.
With people he is very loving and affectionate, a really lively little guy.
Cat test: (Pablo): relaxed during the test. Walks good with the leash. In the test, see the cats and goes to them, try to smell and go to them but not aggressive way.

Chip: 981020000348174
Location:Paddock 4
Color: Black
height: small/medium seize
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***
Cattest: (Pablo): relaxed during the test. Walked good on the leash. In the test, he saw the cats and went to them, tried to smell and approached them but not aggressive way.