Gitana, female, age 4 ( Born 12/2014) 11 months at Scooby (since Jan/2018) available

Pretty GITANA, very elegant; very loving sweet affectionate; was an underdog; Now she has become happy and playful with the other dogs; well balanced; good on the leash. Cattest : Not interested in the Cats; just a wonderful, wonderful girl

Photo Oct/14/2018 ” Gitana’s wonderful face ”

Photo Sept/30/2018 GITANA and Galga CHIP…8526 (female, born 6/14/2014/ on hold)

Photo Sept/9/2018

Gitana very very affectionate loving girl

Photo June/12/2018 “Beautiful girl”

Photo May/28/2018 GITANA – FARY (male,born 1/25/2015) – AKELA( adopted) – PALOMA (white Galga /adopted))

Feeling Sad…Gitana is an underdog, the stronger dogs are picking on her in the beginning, but now not anymore

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Gitana is a 4 yearold Galga ( Born 12/2014) She came from Murcia to Scooby in January/2018
When she arrived she was a very petite and skinny little girl, she was an underdog in the paddock, the stronger dogs were picking on her; she used to run from them.
But she has become a playful and cheerful girl now; She is affectionate and loving with all people; balanced and sociable both with people and the other dogs.
She is good on the leash.
Gitana is a stunning, very elegant girl; with her lean, slender body and her two big beautiful hazel eyes that stand out in her black coat.
Cattest: Gitana did not show particular interest in cats.

Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
Witm male dogs***
Height: 65 cm