!Rayo, Mastin-X , male, age 8 ( born 2011) 2 years and 4 months at Scooby (since Feb/2017) urgent needof a home , available

Rayo, big hearted super sweet affectionate boy; very good with all dogs, loves everybody, at his age he is in urgent need of a Home


Rayo is an 8 year old Mastin-X, male ( Born 2011) He is a long “Forgotten Dog” who came to Scooby/Residencia in February/16/2017
Rayo`s heart is as big as his body, so very sweet, nice and affectionate.
He is social and good with all other dogs, good on the lead, not scared or dominant and a brilliant dog who loves to be rubbed on his belly!
At his age RAYO is in urgent need of a Home

Chip: 941000011036277
Breed: Mastin-mix
Color: Dark brindle
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male Dogs***
Location: Scooby/Residencia

Golden Oldies
We are always very attentive of our older dogs, but when the winter comes we suffer especially for them, because the cold and humidity of the shelter can made that their health resent.
If you are thinking of taking a furry companion into your family, please consider adopting a Golden Oldie , they will be so very grateful and will reward your generosity with lots of love ❤.

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