Fito, male, age 2.5+ ( Born 2/2016) 1.5 year at Scooby (since June/2017) available

Fito, sweet boy; a bit timid /insecure with strange people ; very grateful for attention and cuddles; loves to play with all dogs; very much in need of a Home

Fito is a 2.5+ year young Galgo ( Born 2/2016) A forgotten Galgo. He came to Scooby/ Residencia (Valladolid) in June/2017; He was saved from the Perrera municipal from Valladolid.
First a bit timid/ insecure with strange people. Very grateful for attention and cuddles. Loves to play a lot with all the other dogs. He is good on the leash.
Fito has a beautiful light-brindle coat with a black mask; very unique looking boy! Fito is just a wonderful sweet boy
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dog***