Zape and Zipi, 2 male Galgos, age 4.5 ( Born 2014) 19 months at Scooby (since May/2017) included in the sponsor-program( see below) available

Zape and Zipi, 2 Forgotten boys; very sweet affectionate; love cuddles, love all people, great with all dogs; 2 wonderful boys !

Zape and Zipi inseparable

Beautiful Zape

Beautiful Zipi

Lovely Zipi

Lovely Zape


Zape and Zipi , always together. who will give them a chance on a life outside the kennel

Zape and Zipi are both 4.5 years old Galgos (Born 2014) 2 long Forgotten boys. They came to Scooby in May/01/2017.
Zape and Zipi where found together after being abandoned for a long time. These 2 boys (probably brothers) are very, very dedicated to each other, they are never more than 5 meters away from each other and mean the world to one and another. Therefore we want to find them a home together because separating them feels almost like a crime to us.
Zape and Zipi are very sweet, affectionate, love to be cuddled, good on the lead, not dominant and not scared.
Who will give these 2 very beautiful boys a chance to feel what love is and a chance on a life outside the kennel.

Chip: 981020000219921
Chip : 981020009222076
Location: Residencia
Color: Dark brindle
Color : Camel
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***

Special Adoption
ZAPE & ZIPI are included in the Sponsor-Program
The adoption-fee for 1 Galgo will be sponsored for 100% , if ZIPE and ZAPE are adopted together.
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