! viento, male, age 5.5+ ( born 2013 )21 months at Scooby (since March/ 2017) ( in need of a Home !) available

VIENTO, very modest boy with very softhearted loving sweet gentle character; loves lots of cuddles and attention of all people; playful with all other dogs ; very overlooked, 20 months  in the shelter ; very easy boy, will be a wonderful perfect family member  

Photo July/14/2018 “Changed Viento” : Now he loves lots of cuddles, loves all people, loves playing with all dogs.

Photo Dec/2017 “Viento between his friends”

Viento when he arrived at Scooby in March/2017

Viento is a 5.5+ year old Galgo (Born 2013) A very long Forgotten Galgo. He came to Scooby/Residencia on 3/2017.
Poor Viento was saved by Scooby from the Perrera provincial from Valladolid.
Viento is  a very softhearted, gentle ,  very modest, loving boy. He loves all people and loves lots of cuddles. He loves playing with all the other dogs.
Because Viento is so modest he is  very overlooked and is waiting already  a very  long time in the shelter.
Viento in English means “WIND” and “WIND” is what VIENTO needs; feel the wind in his wonderful sand-colored coat on his daily walks with his forever loving family
Viento will be a wonderful family member. Who will give this sweet lovely boy a chance on a life outside the shelter in his forever loving Home.
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With Male dogs***