Pol , Stafford-X, male, age 5+ ( born 1/2014 ) 4+ years at Scooby (since 1/2015) (urgent / priority to leave the shelter) please , Pol needs a Home, available

Pol, very very loving wonderful looking sweet boy; almost 4 years behind bars ! poor boy, so very sad…..; very much in need of a Home

Photo July/14/2015 Update from Ana Merino :  “Having a good time with POL ” April/2019 already more than 4 years in the shelter….

Photo  Nov/2018

Photo Nov/2018 “POL got a visit from Claire Verspoor, Scooby Holland”

Photo Nov/2018

Photo Nov/2018

Photo Nov/2018


almost 3 years in prison

poor Pol … so sad

Pol is an almost 5+ year old boy, Stafford-X (born on 1/1/2014) A very long Forgotten boy. He arrived in Jan/2015 at Scooby/Palencia and is waiting there for more than 3.5 years behind bars now! Most of his life; poor poor boy… This is so heartbreaking
Imagine you are 3 year old and have been living in a concrete paddock for almost your entire life. Just because you are born in the ‘wrong’ body. So people that are looking for a nice dog don’t even look at you because of your breed. Unfortunately, that is the destiny of Pol. So sad!
Pol is such a loving handsome boy and very very loving ! Yes, he prefers to be with female dogs better than with male dogs. But Pol just loves all people!
Please look at this wonderful boy. Don’t turn your head because of his breed, look at the great dog that’s underneath. Please Do not let him stay the Forgotten dog that he is.
Please, who will give Pol an honest chance.. Thank you so much !
Not Traumatized
With Female dogs ***
With male dogs *

Update Dec/3/2018 from Claire Verspoor, Scooby Holland : “Hello my sweet, sweet Pol, here we meet again. I have mixed feelings about our meeting. On the one hand I am happy to see you and be able to give you a big kiss. But on the other hand I am very sad that you are still here in the shelter 😔. From the first moment I saw you I fell in love. I can’t believe that has been 3,5 years ago already! You are such a gentle soul in a beautiful body, why did no one else fell in love with you? Somebody that can adopt you 😕.
I refuse to believe that you will die in this concrete cell, you think is home. There is a better life out there for you, a life with a warm and soft bed, with a family that loves you to pieces. My sweet, sweet Pol, from the bottom of my heart I hope that I will not see you again next year and you’ll be loved by somebody else.
A big hopeful kiss 💗,
Claire ”
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