!Oscar, male, Labrador- Mix , age 9- ( Born 1/2010) almost 4 years at Scooby (since 1/2015) included in the sponsor program ( see below) available

OSCAR, his Whole life behind bars ?

Please, please take me Home

Oscar with the happy smile

Oscar is an almost 9 year old labrador mix, boy (born 1/1/2010) He is already waiting in Scooby/Palencia (since 1/1/2015) 4 long years behind concrete walls and iron bars ! Poor boy…
It happens so often with mix and large size dogs as him. Nobody sees them!! However, despite all the time that he has been waiting for a home, he has not lost his smile. Oscar is a very nice and very happy boy. He is good with other dogs, but prferes females and Not dominant males.
Oscar is a happy active boy, who loves all people. just a big sweetheart, totally overseen ! Who will give this sweet boy the opportunity of a loving Home, he is so desperately in need of after being in the shelter for 3 years now.

Chip: 945000001071118
Location: Scooby/Palencia (Garden)
Breed: Mestizo
Color: light beige
Not traumatized
With female dogs**
With male dogs**
With Not dominant male dogs***

Golden Oldies
We are always very attentive of our older dogs, but when the winter comes we suffer especially for them; the cold weather and humidity in the shelter can affect their health.
If you are thinking of taking a furry companion into your family, please consider adopting a Golden Oldie , they will be so very grateful and will reward your generosity with lots of love ❤.

OSCAR is included in the sponsor-program
The adoption-fee will be sponsored for 50 %
For more information e-mail: seguimientos@scoobymedina.org
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