Manzanero, male, age 5.5+ ( born 2013) (most forgotten Brindle galgo) 21 months at Scooby (since March/ 2017)( in need of a home ! ) available

Dear Manzanero ,  sweetheart;  very overseen boy; loving gentle soft character; bit insecure at first; so grateful for some love and  cuddles ; loves playing with all dogs; good on the leash; very nice dear boy ! too long in the shelter; very much in need of a Home.

Manzanero is a 5.5+ year old  Galgo ( Born 2013) A long forgotten Galgo, who came to Scooby in March/31/2017.
Manzanero was saved from the Perrera provincial from Valladolid. He has lived a difficult life.
Dear Manzanero is a very lovely sweet boy, with a gentle, soft character. He is a bit insecure at first but he is fine very quickly because he is very curious, and he loves to be cuddled.
Manzanero is very good with all other dogs, loves to play with them. He is good on the leash.
Manzanero is just a sweetheart !
After being in the shelter for more than 1.5 long years now, he is so very deserving to go to his forever loving Home now, finally

Chip: 981020009231272
Location: Scooby /Residencia
Color: Brindle
Not traumatized
with female dogs***
With male dogs***