! Grilla, Pitbull, female, age 8- ( born 1/2011) almost 5 years at Scooby (since 1/2014) included in the sponsor program ( see below) (urgent/ priority to leave the shelter) available

Poor Grilla, super sweety, very loving girl; waiting for more than 4 years in her concrete kennel for someone to love her too ! This is soooo very sad for her…
No dog shuld live like this…


Grilla is an almost 5 year old female Pit-bull (Born 1/1/2011) Grilla is such a very sweet loving girl. She just loves people. She is living more than 4.5 years in her concrete kennel at Scooby/Zamora (since Jan/2014) waiting for her forever Home. No dog should live like this, this is so terribly sad for her…
Please give her a chance.
Not traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***

GRILLA is included in the sponsor-program
The adoption-fee will be sponsored for 100 %
For more information e-mail: seguimientos@scoobymedina.org
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