! Gordito, MIX-breed , male, age 15- (born 3/2004)“Scoobys Oldest Dog ” almost 2 year at Scooby (since March/2017) (included in the sponsor-program / see below) ( priority to leave the shelter) available

Gordioto, almost 15 year old senior ! Poor old Gordito… ! loves all people, loves all dogs. Never had a loving Home in his whole life, who will give him a last chance ?
He does not want to die in the shelter !

Photo Feb/16/2019 update from ana merino : ” GORDITO (2 years here )hope one day you can cross this fence ! ”

Photo jan/13/2019 ” GORDITO loves sunbathing ”

Photo Nov/30/2018

Photo Nov/8/2018

Photo Nov/15/2018 update Ana Merino : ” a present for the oldies; the present that makes GORDITO the happiest!😋 ”

photo Aug/17/2018 “GORDITO wants to go to his forever loving HOME”

Photo Oct/12/2018 GORDITO ( on the left) BOOMER( Shepherd-x , female, born 5/5/2015,  in the middle) SVETA (mix female, born 5/2010, on the right)

GORDITO (in the back)  BOOMER( Shepherd-x , female, born 5/5/2015 , in the front)

Photo June/21/2018        “old Gordito ! ”

Photo May/20/2018

<strong> Photo June/7/2018 “OLD GORDITO (on the left) , OLD SARY (in the  middle/ reserved) and  OLD SVETA ( on the right)” </strong>

Welcome to the garden !

PASTINA (7 years old) and GORDITO


Gordito is an almost 15 year old Mix-breed, male (born 3/2004) He came from a village near Salamanca. Gordito is waiting for his forever Home since March/2017.
Who will give this loving old senior a chance on love and a home, he probably never had in his whole life before. poor boy…
Not Traumatized
With female dogs***
With male dogs***

Update Update/June/26/2018
We are so sorry for Gordito, who is 14 years old, that he still has to live in a shelter 😢.
We want that he could spend his last living days in a comfortable home where he will receive lots of love and attention.
We don´t want our sweet oldie to die without knowing how it feels to have a real family… 💞
Please help us sharing Gordito!! all together we can make his dream to leave the shelter come true 😌.
👉 If you want to adopt this grandpa or you need more info about him, send us an email to seguimientos@scoobymedina.org

Golden Oldies
We are always very attentive of our older dogs, but when the winter comes we suffer especially for them; the cold weather and humidity in the shelter can affect their health.
If you are thinking of taking a furry companion into your family, please consider adopting a Golden Oldie , they will be so very grateful and will reward your generosity with lots of love ❤.

GORDITO is included in the sponsor-program
The adoption-fee will be sponsored for 100%
For more info about the Sponsor-Program please send an e-mail to : holthuizen2@kpnplanet.nl (also in Dutch & German)
For more information e-mail to: seguimientos@scoobymedina.org
Más información y contacto: seguimientos@scoobymedina.org