RODRI ( Black & White Galgo) male, age 2 ( born 12/2016 ) 21 months at Scooby ( since March/2017 ) included in the sponsor-program ( see below) available

Rodri (Black & White ) very long forgotten; brother to TODRI (Black) still shy but very curious and improving every day ! loves to play with all dogs

Photo Dec/9/2018 “RODRI ( on the right) and BETHO (On the left, Mastin, male, born 6/6/2017) are best friends ”

Photo Aug/6/2018 Update Ana Merino : “TODRI ( Black) and RODRI (Black & White) still shy but making good progresses ! ”

Photo Oct/6/2018     TODRI (Black) and RODRI( Black &white) are waiting since March/2017 for their forever Home ! On the right BETHO (male mastin, born 6/6/2017)

Photo July/1/2018 ” Look at them now ! RODRI ( Black & white) and his brother TODRI ( Black), so much more relaxed, even asking for a treat, so Wonderful !

TODRI ( Black ) and RODRI ( Black & White) are curious , approaching for some treats !

Picking up the  treats from the hand

Rodri ( Black & White) and Todri  ( Black) having their first Bithday !  December/2017

Rodri on the (on the right) are inseparable

Rodri and Todri,   2 wonderful  brothers

But always stick together

Rodri (Black & White) and Todri  (Black) always playing together

Rodri ( Black & white) and his brother Todri ( Black) are happily playing

RODRI, is a 2 year young, black & white, Galgo ( born 12/2016) Rodri is 1 out of 2 “Most Forgotten Galgo Black beauties” at Scooby; waiting for his forever home since 3/2017.
Rodri arrived at Scooby together with his brother Todri from Ciudad Rodrigo.
Rodri came to Scooby, as a puppy, only 3 months young, and already terrified of people, approaching him was impossible because he would ran away for fear. He was a very shy and timid boy.
Update Aug/2018 : Rodri is still shy, but he is trying very hard, he is improving every day, already eating the treats from the hand.
It would be so much better for RODRI and TODRI being in a Home environment; these young boys are very much in need of a loving Home
Good with female dogs***
Good with male dogs***

Special Adoption
RODRI and TODRI are included in the sponsor-program
The adoption-fee for 1 Galgo will be sponsored for 100% if TODRI and RODRI are adopted together
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